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Wealth, who doesn't want to have it? But what is wealth? To me wealth is the ability to buy the things you need and want, to go where you want when you want and to have so much of an abundance that you can pass on this ability to your children. Wealth is not a house, a car, a boat or a piece of jewelry but it is ultimate access and ultimate freedom. There are many people who live in lavish homes and drive lavish cars that I would not consider wealthy because they are debt slaves, meaning they must continue working to make the payments for their property and it's upkeep or else they will lose it. However, there are also people who live very modestly and do what they want when they want who are quite wealthy. Wealth is not only what you have, but how you use it to shape your life and the lives of the people you care about.

I think pretty much anyone can figure out how to spend money on any number of things. So here we'll explore how to make money, how to use money wisely and how to keep money.

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