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Nothing is more important or more difficult to manage than relationships. The thing about relationships is no matter what you do, the most you can control is one side of a relationship. Because a relationship of any kind, whether it be intimate, family, friendship, acquaintance, business relationship or a relationship among colleagues, is between two or more people, you can only do your best and hope for the best from others. That being said we know that our own behavior affects the behavior of others just as the behavior of others affects us. So although we may not be able to control other people's actions we can greatly influence the actions of others to varying degrees depending on the nature of the relationship. Also there are all kinds of different personalities. So things can affect people totally differently and one person's reaction to the same information or event can be totally different from another's.

So to build the best relationships we must first understand people and what drives them. Then we must understand how those driving factors affect people's responses to information and events. Of course understanding people means first understanding ourselves so that we have a better handle on that part of the relationship we control. If we can understand why we are or are not a certain way, we can better understand why other people are the way they are.

I think with the exception of strictly competitive relationships, the ultimate goal of any relationship should be that everyone benefits and feels good about the relationship. Everyone wants to feel loved, respected and valued, though not necessarily in that order. Everyone wants to feel they are important to other people in their life. Perhaps the best thing in life is when you can surround yourself with people you feel that way about and who feel that way about you.

So in this section we'll explore how to make life better by making our relationships better. Here are a few inspirational videos that demonstrate some of what I'm talking about:

Relationship Goals

Importance of Family

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