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This section is meant to help us get a better handle on our minds. If one can master the mind, one can master anything. So this is why it is the first and most important component of us. The mind is that intangible thing created by the brain that makes us who we are. Made up of thoughts we are consciously aware of, thoughts we are not consciously aware of and functions that run on auto-pilot, the mind is the essence of who we are. The mind can dream up ideas and inventions never before seen. The mind is a natural problem solver. The mind shapes how we see the world and directly affects the body, our relationships, how we live, who our friends and colleagues are, our level of motivation and how successful we are accomplishing our business and personal goals.

Mind Hacks

Mind and body could really be in the same category because the brain creates the mind and is part of the body and also controls the body. However there is an ethereal element of the mind that can think beyond what is seen with the eyes and what is felt by the senses. The human mind goes far beyond just controlling bodily functions and creating responses to stimuli in its immediate environment. It can plan ahead and imagine things that have not been experienced. The human mind can think about things that have not yet happened and make predictions. Under the right circumstances the mind can successfully make and carry out plans to a high degree of accuracy for things years into the future.

In the "Mind" section we will be focusing on things that make our minds sharper and allow us to unlock more of the untapped potential of our minds. These may be things like NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming), Speed Reading, Language Learning, Positive Thinking, Problem-solving, Life Hacks and anything to makes the mind stronger.

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