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Connecting is what makes everything work and allows the exchange of information. Connect is the verb that makes all the nouns work together. Having the power to connect with other people changes everything. It means the ability to access and share information and being able to see the world from different perspectives. The world is getting smaller every year and that's primarily because we're able to visit places and share information with people more easily than ever before. So whether it's new communication methods, faster ways to transfer data, anything that makes software or machines work together and especially anything that brings people together, we'll explore it in this section.

It's easier to demonstrate what I'm talking about than to keep rambling. So to start off I figure why not help people connect in the most prevalent means used today but completely free. Power to the people!

Free Phone Number, Free Calls, Free Texts, Free Voicemail and Free Internet Anywhere in the World

Start with This - Google Services - Get Your Own Free Phone Number to Use Anywhere in the World - Send and Receive Free Texts and Voicemails - Requires WiFi

Now Expand Your Network by Automatically Connecting to Over 200,000,000 (yes 200 million) Wifi Internet Hotspots - Free Internet Anywhere in the World

Then add this - Works through GPS With the Same Google Number - Works Anywhere in the World for When You're Out of Range of Wifi - You Get 2 Minutes Free Per Day and Can Buy More. You Also Get a Free Minute Per Day for Every Person You Invite. This is something good to have even with normal service. It can work many places normal service doesn't.

Like this you can reduce your monthly cell phone bill to literally $0 or just a few dollars a month. Especially if you live in a city.