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One of my favorite videos... Human physical potential at it's best:

You can't overstate the importance of the body. It is us. It moves you around and does all the things you need it to do. You only get one so you have to take care of it the best you can. The body affects the mind and the mind affects the body. This section will focus on how to make the body stronger and healthier. This includes exercise and diet. I'm not a doctor so I guess I should give a disclaimer to consult with your doctor. However I'm not going to be giving any medical advise as such just sharing my thoughts on making the body strong and what helps me.

To start I'll share my thoughts on exercise. When it comes to exercise I like to focus on activities that either are specifically designed to improve strength or fitness or have some real world application. For example, football, basketball and baseball can all be good exercise that can build strength, speed and stamina but the purpose of playing these games is to win the game not to be fit or teach you a skill you can use in your everyday life. I think of athletes like Babe Ruth and Refrigerator Perry who were very good in their particular sports but were not in very good shape overall.

On the other hand, activities like weight lifting, martial arts, running cross country, mountain climbing, parkour and calisthenics all have goals centered around either improving the body or practicing skills that can be used outside of a controlled competition setting. There may be competitions in these sports as well but they can also exist outside of controlled competitions. For example you may have a life or death situation where you have to use martial arts skills to defend yourself or you may have to use Parkour to escape a situation; but it is extremely unlikely you will have a survival situation where you need to knock a hockey puck in a goal or sink a 3-pointer to save your life.

Clips from one of the most realistic (and funniest) self-defense videos made.