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Control Your World Telepathically. The future is here.

Yes, every year the list of things once thought impossible is getting smaller and smaller. Now, with a little programming knowledge, anything you can currently control with a remote and receiver you can do with your mind. So that means controlling your tv, stereo, alarm system, video games, wheelchair now, and probably your car or personal space vehicule in the future. This technology is available right now and is simultaneously the coolest and the nerdiest thing you could be walking around long as you have something you're actually controlling with it. They've already got the drone helicopters you can control with these...and it would work great with any remote controlled car. So maybe in the future we'll be walking around with little orbs we contol with our brain that we can use as computers or to pass objects to other people...or imagine operating heavy equipment with only the mind. Sending your car to the store with your mind so the store owner's robot, that he's controlling with his mind can, load up your things.