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2018 Update:
Over the past year I have become increasingly focused on Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology as a means of creating wealth and financial freedom. There is a growing community of people all over the world who are capitalizing on this exploding new market. It has become a disruptive force in financial industries, has made many new multi-millionaires and has the potential to make all other forms of financial exchange virtually obsolete.

For those that don't know, blockchain is the Internet of this generation. Similar in exposure to the Internet of the late 80s, most have no idea what blockchain is. Of those that do have some idea what blockchain is, most still don't know how to capitalize off of the technology. However, for those truly in the know, it is the opportunity of a lifetime, the key to early retirement and a chance at generational wealth.

With that in mind, I have created an E-book about Bitcoin that was designed to be very easy to understand, so anyone who is interested in making money from Bitcoin and blockchain technology can easily get started. I will also be updating How to Make Money "From Home" Anywhere In the World, to reflect these new advances. As the year progresses I will continue to create new articles and videos around this and other topics of interest.

From a scientific standpoint I am also very interested in learning more about Artificial Intelligence (AI). This technology has amazing potential and enormous perils. It's applications are as far reaching as the mind itself. In 2017 Saudi Arabia, for the first time ever, gave citizenship to an android named Sophia. Is she the first of many androids to gain citizenship around the world? There are other androids that have already been created and scientists have created a shared part of their brain in the cloud. This sounds like the stuff of science fiction, but how can artificial technology be used safely to help mankind? I will investigate this and other aspects of AI.

All the information here is provided completely free of charge. If I'm able to help one or two people reach there goals, the time I invested in creating this site will be worth it. If you decide to use one of the links provided to participate in any of the programs promoted here, and you need some help, just send me an email with your question mentioning which program you started. When I respond I will also give you my personal Skype so you can contact me any time with questions you may have about the specific program, cryptocurrencies or making money online in general.

Besides that, I will continue to post whatever stuff I find interesting or beneficial. I look forward to everyone's feedback. If you have an idea for a topic of discussion or want to give me the heads up about news or technology, send me an email and I'll be sure to respond. I wish you health, wealth, peace and happiness!